High Pressure GTO Pitot Tube Pumps

The performance and reliability of GTO Gator® and GTO Rhino® Pitot tube pumps are used in the environmental, pharmaceutical, food processing, brine injection and power generation industries to attain customer satisfaction and meet the high demands of a professional work flow.

The creation of the pitot tube pump design has revolutionized how high pressure liquid is generated in a centrifugal pump. The GTO GATOR® and GTO RHINO® use the pitot tube technology to incorporate the features that customers expect from a professional pumping system. A high pressure pump is a requirement in demanding applications to improve efficiency and output. GTO pitot tube pumps generate high pressure in a single stage to achieve peak operating performance.

Both the GTO GATOR® and GTO RHINO® pitot tube pumps are built with strict standards of quality to increase operational reliability. The stable manufacturing and error-free operation of pitot tube pumps reduce malfunctions and damage that can result in costly repairs. The implementation of the GTO pitot tube pump system is widely popular and in use around the world in scenarios that demand high pressure pumping systems.


pitot tube pumps are designed for long-term use and reliability in harsh applications. A customary two year power frame warranty helps extend the exterior construction in high volume liquid distribution. Professionals expect professional quality and GTO pitot tube pump technology delivers a professional promise.


The dependability of GTO RHINO® and GTO GATOR® pitot tube pumps is realized in the chemical, refinery, food processing, steel mills, power generation, environmental, paper mills, dust control, boiler feed water, sanitation and pharmaceutical industries. Heavy duty applications require the trusted pumping design of GTO pitot tube pumps.