Professionals Choose GTO Pitot Pumps

Pumps that can meet high demand and high pressure pump operations are sought after by professionals that require true performance. Few pumps can withstand the wear and tear that is placed on the design from daily operational use. The GTO RHINO® and GTO GATOR® pitot tube pumps are designed with the end user in mind. Customer expectations and innovative manufacturing techniques give professionals what is required in a modern pitot tube pump design. Performance and durability of high pressure pitot tube pumps are the most important factors when selecting a pump to meet existing and future business needs. A reliable pump is essential to meeting demand on a daily basis. Unlike other centrifugal and piston pumps that have shorter performance operations, GTO pitot tube pumps operate efficiently and effectively for stable and continuous functionality when consistency is expected.

Unique features of our pumps :

  • The fusion bonded powder coated power frame is resistant to chemicals, weather or other corrosion
  • Oil seals protect the lubrication that is useful for maintaining high output and efficiency
  • The high psi and operational speeds increase the workload and maintain expected performance for applications
  • The safety drain plug is constructed with magnetic properties to keep contaminants from destroying bearings
  • The use of precision X-Life bearings provides reduced noise and optimum operational performance to reduce errors
  • A specially designed sight glass area to monitor oil conditions and lubrication levels to extend bearing life
  • A powder coated sump lining that protects the oil keeping it away from impurities that may exist during contact
  • Two year warranty on the power frame
  • Flush plans and optional mechanical seals.